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A versatile gimbal from Zhiyun

Zhiyun Crane M2SZhiyun Crane M2S

Content creation today is all about flexibility, portability and finding a unique look. The new Crane M2S from the world’s leading gimbal brand, Zhiyun, embodies just that.

Whether you are filming Reels with a smartphone, skiing with an action camera or shooting a YouTube video with a mirrorless camera, the new Zhiyun Crane M2S is a gimbal for you


At just 549g, the Crane M2S is highly portable, just like a phone gimbal, but with the capacity to hold mirrorless cameras like the Sony A7SIII with small prime lenses. Compared to the standard Crane-M2 series the new gimbal has a super lightweight body combined with stronger motors and extended axes, making it a must-have for run-and-gun filmmakers and content creators on the go.


Another new feature is an ultra-bright light built into the gimbal. Using a lumen amplifier technology, it can produce over 1000 lumens brightness within 2.8 m², ideal for capturing subjects directly in shot. The light has a color temperature of 5500K and a CRI of 90+. The Light has five levels of adjustability and comes with four attachable color filters, that gives the user a more creative potential and control.


The Crane M2S features the latest quick-release technology previously only used in its flagship gimbals, the V-shape design of the quick-release provides better working efficiency, while dual safety locks ensures that the equipment always remains attached when you need it to.


A compact and flexible design with intuitive controls makes the gimbal very easy to handle in all situations. A 0.66-inch display offers real-time status and operating parameters of both the camera and gimbal.

The M2S supports USB PD fast charging up to 12W via its USB-C connector, a full charge time can be achieved in just 100 mins, allowing the Crane M2S run for up to 10 hours (depending on setting).

Supported cameras can be directly connected via USB-C cable to engage direct shutter control and supply up to 5V/1A of power directly to the camera, extending its battery life.


Pricing and delivery


The new gimbal is available for immediate shipping.

Recommended selling price:

Zhiyun Crane M2S € 309;-

Zhiyun Crane M2S Combo € 395;-


For further information, please contact lasse.ericson@focusnordic.se


Key specifications

  • Super lightweight body (549g)
  • Compact
  • Stronger motors and extended axes.
  • Ultra-bright light built into the gimbal.
  • Various shooting modes available: Pan Follow, Follow, Lock, POV, Vortex, Go, etc.
  • Zhiyuns’s Quick Release 4.0 technology.
  • Supports USB PD fast charging
  • Can power a compatible camera via USB-C


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