2022-03-30 13:00Press release

A powerful update from Nanlite


The popular Forza series from Nanlite gets an impressive update with the most powerful LED so far in the series; the new Forza 720 and Forza 720B.


With the new and so far, most powerful lighting in the Forza series, Nanlite aims for the highest level of professional filmmakers.

Both LED´s are fully dimmable and with an outstanding CRI of 95 for the 720 and an average of 96 for 720B. TLCI is 96 for 720 and an average of 97 for 720B.

The new powerful LED has an astonishing output (with reflector) of 3945 lux @5m for the 720 and 3152 for the 720B which makes it the brightest LED bi-color spot light in the world!

Overall, the Forza 720B is 75%+ brightness of the Forza 720.


At just 4.8/5,3 kg, the Forza 720 is easy to transport and quick to rig or reposition on set.

It is designed for use both in the studio and in the field. The LED can be powered with either an included AC adapter or two 14.8V V-Mount batteries (not included) making them the ideal choices for outdoor and mobile shooting. Can easily be controlled via the intuitive on-board control, 2.4G wireless control, Bluetooth, Nanlink app control or DMX /RDM.


A new curved Yoke design allows for expanded tilting angle of lamp head. One-sided no-rosettes locking design greatly facilitate easy installation and accurate adjustment.

An intuitive quick release clamp can fix the control unit tight on the light stand and support quick-release mechanism.

All those designs and innovations are aimed at creating a fast and stable working environment.

It has full compatibility with the wide range of optional Nanlite accessories including fresnel lenses, softboxes and lanterns, which gives the user full flexibility and creativity.


The ultra-quiet cooling system is optimized for sound management onset and can limit fan noise at an inconceivable level while maintaining the full output.

Both LED´s feature Nanlites popular built-in practical effects such as: INT Loop, flash, Pulse, storm, TV, candle/fire, bad bulb, firework, explosion and much more.


Pricing and delivery


The new LED´s will start ship in April.

Nanlite Forza 720 LED Spot light EUR 2.039,90;-

Nanlite Forza 720B Bi-Color LED Spot light EUR 2.279,90;-

For further information, please contact odd.bergsto@focusnordic.se


Key specifications

  • Forza 720B is the brightest LED bi-color spot light in the world
  • CCT of 5600K for Forza 720 and 2700-5600K for 720B
  • Expansive range of compatible accessories
  • A new curved yoke design
  • Can be powered with either an included AC adapter or two V-Mount batteries
  • Easily be controlled via the intuitive on-board control, 2.4G wireless control, Bluetooth, Nanlink app or DMX /RDM
  • Ultra-quiet cooling system
  • Built-in practical effects

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