2022-02-15 15:15Press release

A new portable LED-light for content creators from SmallRig


SmallRig have long been known for designing and manufacturing affordable, compact and flexible rigs for filmmakers and photographers. Their product range covers everything from cages to shoulder support and tripod systems. All products have been co-designed with renowned professional videographers and photographers. They have a wide selection of unique components to help end-users build and customize the rig of their dreams.


Now the time has come for a new and innovative COB-light designed to be powerful and flexible at the same time all at an extremely competitive price.


The new LED´s, SmallRig 120RC, come in two versions, RC120 D (daylight) and RC120 B (bi-color). RC120 D features a powerful output of 62600 lux (@ 1m) and RC120 B 52,800 (@ 1m). Both LED´s has a professional color fidelity with a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 96.


RC120 comes with 9 built-in light effects and it´s easy to control the light either through the new app (SmallGoGo) or through the intuitive controls and menus.

Both LED´s comes with a Bowens mount which makes them compatible with most light-control accessories on the market.

In connection with the launch, SmallRig also releases several new softboxes that are designed to be used with the new LED lights.

Another exciting feature of the new LED´s is the noise level of the ultra-quiet fan which is only 25dB ±2dB at 1 meter. This means that you avoid fan noise when you, for example, shooting interviews in cramped spaces and must have the microphone close to the lighting.


A dual power supply system supports both AC adapter and 14.4V/26V V-mount battery when you need to work outside the studio.

Regardless of whether you are shooting corporate portraits one day and food commercial the other day the SmallRig 120RC is a LED for you.


Shipping and pricing

Recommended selling price is:

SmallRig 3612 RC120D Cob Light EUR 289;-

SmallRig 3615 RC120B Cob Light EUR 339;-

The new LED´s will start ship immediately.


For further information, please contact lasse.ericson@focusnordic.com


Key specifications


  • Portable, compact, lightweight design
  • Bowens mount
  • Professional color fidelity with a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 96
  • Powerful output of 62600 lux (RC 120 D @ 1m) and 52,800 (RC120 B @ 1m) with included hyper reflector.
  • Can be controlled both by app or on-board controls
  • Ultra-quiet fan
  • 9 built-in light effects
  • Can be powered both by AC adapter and 14.4V/26V V-mount (optional)

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Kristin Ström
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Kristin Ström