2022-02-01 10:30Press release

A new camera from Ricoh that captures everything

The New Ricoh Theta X is an advanced camera model that focuses on user experience for both recording and sharing high-definition images of 360° space. On the new Theta X we find several new features such as a 2.25” touchscreen display, an interchangeable battery and a Micro SD card slot.


In the last two years, the digital landscape has changed a lot. The demand for streaming and other digital solutions to meet and interact with people is increasing every day. One digital solution is 360-degree content, it has penetrated the business world as an important tool for improving sales activities and boosting business efficiency, particularly for the advanced remote viewing of real estate properties and automobiles or to record and manage progress at building and construction sites.

With the new Theta X Ricoh introduces a new camera that is easy to use and can produce stunning 360° images that can be shared with everyone.


The Theta X CMOS image sensor, main processor, and lens design have all been updated. It is Ricoh Theta´s first camera to support 5.7K videos at 30 fps. The camera also supports 4K videos at 60 fps to provide a great deal of variation for shooting. Image stabilization has also been improved, which significantly improves video quality itself and provides smooth video sequences.

Thanks to the new sensor with approximately 48MP, it is now possible to capture high-resolution 360-degree still images with a maximum output of approximately 60MP.


A new 2.25” touch display makes it a lot easier to use the Theta X than previous models as a standalone camera because it now eliminates the need to use it in combination with a smartphone. Through the screen, you can easily navigate through the camera's menu system or use it as a shutter button.


The camera is powered by a new external exchangeable battery and can also be powered through a power bank via usb-c.


Just as Theta V and Theta Z1, the Theta X utilizes an Android-based OS, allowing third-party developers to develop and release applications (plug-ins) to expand the function of the camera.


Pricing and shipping

The new camera will start ship in March 2022

Recommended selling price is EUR 1129,90


For further information, please contact karsten.rath@focusnordic.com


Key specifications

  • 2.25 inch touch panel
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Internal memory of 46GB and MicroSD slot
  • Smooth 360° video recording at 5.7K with improved image stabilization
  • 360° still images with high-definition equivalent to up to approximately 60 megapixels
  • Connectivity with smartphone has been improved

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Kristin Ström
Chief Marketing Officer
Kristin Ström