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Rebates Offer Big Savings on New Energy-Efficient Propane Appliances

One of the many ways Ferrellgas Fuels Life Simply for its customers is by educating them about the many ways they can save on energy during the winter and throughout the year. From covering drafty windows to turning the thermostat down when away from the home and more, there are plenty of smart and simple ways to save.

One often-forgotten way to enjoy further savings is by making the switch from an electric appliance or upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient propane-powered appliance. After all, if you’re already using propane at home, why not further reduce annual energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by filling your home with additional propane-fueled appliances? A tankless propane water heater is one compelling option. With a high-efficiency propane storage tank water heater, you can save up to 16 percent in annual energy costs compared to electric models.

Propane appliances are available for a range of household budgets. Regardless of your specific price point and need, consumers will have plenty of options to choose from.

If energy savings weren’t enough of an incentive to make the switch, there are also ways to save hundreds when making the switch to a new propane appliance or two. Appliance rebates and incentives are offered by propane organizations in various U.S. states.

The residential propane appliance rebates and incentives are available via the various state propane associations and are designed to help homeowners offset the cost of the new propane appliance. The rebate opportunities are appliance-specific and worth hundreds of dollars depending on the state and the appliance being replaced. Rebate dollars do typically run out, which is why Ferrellgas encourages its customers to pursue them quickly if thinking about a new appliance and works directly with customers to submit the required paperwork.

Take advantage of these propane appliance rebate opportunities before it’s too late! Give your local Ferrellgas office a call today for more information!

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