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Spares Nordic streamline their logistics to enable further growth

Spares Nordic send more than 3,500 parcels per day to consumers and corporate customers. That places high demands on technology, logistics, and processes. As they manage several brands and continuously increase sales, they need a comprehensive solution for orders, inventory, and purchases to go further: partly to save time and resources and create new opportunities to grow.

Since 2015 Spares Nordic has sold spare parts, details, and accessories for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices online. Both in their own brand, and via the sites teknikdelar.se and batteriexperten.com. As the number of variations and models are numerous and fast-moving goods, stock is at constant change. Among their customers are both businesses and consumers, and now they have set their sights on more customer groups, marketplaces, and sales channels – and new opportunities to grow. One step in that direction is a close collaboration with Extend Commerce.

“We had another business system, but it didn't quite work as we wanted. When looking around for a new one, we found Extend Commerce. We liked both the personal contact and competence, as well as the product itself”, says Talal Alshammari, CEO and founder of Spares Nordic. “When you change systems, you also need to look ahead, and think »Where will we be in a few years?«, and ensure that the system can handle it. Now we've had the business system for a while, and our first impression hasn't changed.”

Large volumes and multiple sales channels
Along with new marketplaces, comes new demands on flows and processes as well as increasingly complex logistics.

“Extend Commerce fits our e-commerce flow, where we have large volumes but relatively common functionalities. We also wanted both the purchasing function, logistics and also reports in the same system. In other business systems, you need to continuously develop further, and we wanted to avoid that. We were already selling in several markets, and I'd say it's more complex to switch then, compared to starting from scratch and working your way up. But Extend managed it well”, says Talal Alshammari.

Always one step ahead
The collaboration has meant that Extend Commerce BACKEND replaced the previous systems and it is now fully integrated with both B2C and B2B web shops. The implementation process took three months which is a short time for such an extensive project. 

“Spares Nordic is a large-scale and professional customer with high demands and ambitions. Together, we have found a solution that suits them today and over time. Our philosophy as a product company is to sell standard applications that are quickly configured and enable time and cost-effective solutions for our customers. It also shows that we are ready to accelerate our growth of new customers, which we are gratifyingly doing at a fast pace right now”, concludes Mathias Bredin, Head of Sales at Extend Commerce.

With around 3,500 shipments per day, Spares Nordic has high demands on technology, logistics and processes. With several brands, an integrated solution was needed for orders, inventory and purchasing: partly to save time and resources, partly to create new opportunities for growth. One step was the choice of Extend Commerce.

Om Extend Commerce

Extend Commerce är ett nav för alla dina ordrar, som kommer från olika kanaler som webbbutiker, Marknadsplatser, e-post eller elektroniskt överförda. Extend gör det enkelt för dig att få kontroll över alla dina ordrar, på ett ställe. Affärssystemet effektiviserar & hanterar affärskritisk processer för ekonomi, lager, och orderinformation mot multipla partners, kanaler & marknader. Extend Commerce ger kontroll och realtids information samt inbyggd logik och intelligens för affärsprocessen.


Mathias Bredin
Head of Sales & Marketing
Mathias Bredin