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Newsletter from Extend Commerce, September 2022

Spares Nordic streamline their logistics — and can grow further

Since 2015 Spares Nordic has sold spare parts, details, and accessories for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices online. Both in their own brand and via teknikdelar.se, and the acquired e-commerce platform batteriexpert.se. Spares handle huge volumes and more than a fifty thousand orders per month. Their ambition is to grow further. One step in that direction is a close collaboration with Extend Commerce.

“Spares Nordic is a large-scale and professional customer with high demands and ambitions. They handle large volumes, have short lead times, and are in constant change. Together, we have found a solution that suits them today and over time,” says Mathias Bredin, sales and marketing manager at Extend Commerce.

The collaboration has meant that Extend Commerce replaced the previous systems Microsoft Business Center and Specter. Fortnox is now fully integrated with both B2C and B2B web shops.

Standard integration and EDI connection make selling easier

Today, retailers in food and grocery place high technical demands on their suppliers. Often several complicated and costly systems are needed to do something as simple as selling your products.

Together with an external partner, we have now created a standard integration that provides a fully automated flow for orders, inventory and purchases. The Extend Commerce platform is simply the core for orders and inventory, and via connection to Fortnox, finance and invoice management are added. It also becomes easier to scale up and add new grocery chains as the business grows.

“We believe that this solution can create completely new opportunities even for the somewhat smaller players, and that it can help them scale up their business”, says Mathias Bredin, sales and marketing manager at Extend Commerce.

Three new colleagues in Customer Success Management

This summer we've welcomed three new colleagues to our office in Växjö; Anton Bildh, formerly a purchaser at Foxway, Elin Åkesson, media entrepreneur, and Azem Nurkic, who worked with onboarding at Visma. They are now part of our implementation team.

Elin Åkesson, Azem Nurkic och Anton Bildh, Extend Commerce

Elin Åkesson, Azem Nurkic och Anton Bildh, Extend Commerce

Their focus will be Customer Success Management, and guiding new customers through the start-up and implementation phase — and finding new opportunities for us to develop together with our customers.

“We're constantly working to streamline and simplify the use of our systems, and we always want to be one step ahead in development. By working closely with our customers, we can work even more quickly and proactively”, says Martin Fransson, Head of Implementation, at Extend Commerce.

A stable development, in an uncertain time

Every year is unique but this one stands out in several ways. The war in Europe and the post-pandemic impact on global supply chains have had impact on many of our customers’ business. We have continued our long-term and active work for our customers, and are now growing with new customers.

Steady growth and development of the platform
This year started strong, despite continued challenges with shortages in components along with an increased general uncertainty due to the geopolitical situation’s impact on many of our existing and new customers. The revenue for Q1 and Q2 was by far the best to date, where the turnover in the period significantly exceeds the corresponding period in 2021. The growth is driven by strong new customer sales of all functions and revenue from integrations.

Positive response from the market
The response to our new grocery integrations and APIs, such as Fortnox and CustomerOrder has been positive from both large and small customers. I have had the opportunity to meet up and talk to many of them in various forums. The market is undergoing rapid technology development in many areas and is now driven more towards fast cloud and integrated workflows. The work to strengthen cooperation and support our customers in their business has now brought us closer to them, and our ability to help customers in this transformation gives us a strong position in the market.

Launching a heavy and qualified EDI solution for the grocery industry
Becoming a supplier to the grocery industry (ICA, Coop, etc.) can be a crucial step for many small and medium-sized companies when it comes to expanding their business. Here, complete and advanced synchronization of business data around orders, purchases and balances is a prerequisite for it to work as the precision requirements and requirements for e.g. traceability are high.

The advantages of Extend Commerce “sync solution” are many and have created great interest within our target group. Among other things, they do not have to build their own, customer-unique connections, which results in lower operational costs and enables a faster rollout of their products. In addition, the solution already handles large amounts of transactions for several customers, so both technology and operation are tested and “validated” so the uncertainty about whether things actually work in production is 0%.

Sanctions against Russia and Belarus
It is a matter of course for us to comply with the current sanctions against Russia and Belarus. This includes both indirect and direct sales, deliveries and support to customers, subcontractors, and partners. Extend has no exposure to these markets, either on the customer or supplier side, and we therefore assess that the sanctions have no significant impact on the business.

Clear focus in an uncertain world
We see a lot of interest in our platform and various functions, we strengthen our marketing and ensure that we achieve our financial goals so that we are a safe and long-term supplier of critical functions of our customers. This feels reassuring.

I am truly proud of our dedication and ambition and I would like to take the opportunity to say »Thank You!« to all our employees, customers and partners for your perseverance and commitment.

Gabriel Andersson, CEO Extend Commerce


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