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Flattered takes new steps, accompanied by Extend Commerce


Flattered sells handmade shoes and bags with minimalistic designs in several markets. In recent years, sales have leaped – and new opportunities await.

Flattered’s style and design have a Scandinavian heritage, and their products are handmade in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. The company itself is run at the head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2019, Flattered has more than tripled its turnover, and to continue on the same path, with overall control over the business, it needed a business system to grow with.

Today, around seventy percent of purchases are made via Flattered’s owned sales channels, and recently the US market overtook Germany as their largest market. Flattered is now in a growth leap and still has complete control over the order, inventory, and purchasing processes.

“We had collaborated with Fortnox for some time, and it worked very well. To move ahead, we needed to gather our processes into a complete business system. We decided to go with Extend Commerce, which can integrate with Fortnox”, Gustav Lidén said, CEO and one of the founders.

Complete control
With numerous sales channels and several warehouses, it is crucial for Flattered to have control over which orders are to be handled at each warehouse and that purchases and stock replenishment take place efficiently. With transparent processes, the business became easier to hold together while the company could avoid capital tie-up.

“The intelligence in our systems means we can easily create backlog orders. For example, we can sell directly from purchase, even before the products are delivered, and with excellent precision. We have created a more intelligent flow by gathering everything in an integrated system. It’s like a control room where all processes can be controlled very carefully”, says Gustav Lidén.

Big plans ahead
The next step in Flattered’s e-commerce journey is new warehouses in Germany and the UK and expanding into more markets. To easily add new physical warehouses in different locations worldwide, a fully scalable structure has been created by integrating the business system and The Huub. The goal is to grow internationally and simultaneously develop a better experience regardless of where in the world the customer is. 

“I’m glad to see Flattered’s strong development and that their purposeful and professional work has yielded results. Via The Huub and Extend Commerce, they now have a structure where the business can be scaled up globally, and I’m looking forward to following their continued journey”, says Mathias Bredin, Sales and Marketing Manager Extend Commerce.

Om Extend Commerce

The Extend Commerce Platform Extend Commerce is a cloud-based business system for orders, inventory, and purchases which is owned, operated, and developed by Extend Commerce AB. The company has created digital solutions for trade and logistics since 2004 and now collaborates with some hundred companies – a large part of which focuses on e-commerce – to keep track of their processes, grow and develop.


Mathias Bredin
Head of Sales & Marketing
Mathias Bredin