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Through SkyNRG’s Board Now program Etraveli Group flies its staff on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF); this 5-year commitment brings a strong reduction of business air travel CO2 emissions.

Stockholm, January 30th, 2020 – Etraveli Group is the newest member of SkyNRG’s Board Now program. Board Now offers corporates the opportunity to fly on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), reducing companies own business air travel emissions while also contributing to the development of the first dedicated sustainable aviation fuel production plant in Europe. Board Now is the world’s first program that enables a coalition of leaders to contribute directly to the development of the SAF industry.

Mathias Hedlund, CEO of Etraveli Group says, “We are proud to join SkyNRG’s Board Now program and support the development of more production capacity for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). With this commitment Etraveli Group leads by example and will be able to fly our own employees on SAF. Together we are working towards a sustainable future for travel.”

Theye Veen, Managing Director at SkyNRG. “Today’s announcement marks another important step in the decarbonisation of air travel. We are proud that Etraveli Group signed up as our newest member to Board Now and we believe this sets an example for other international organizations with a carbon footprint from business travel or cargo. Commitments like these are crucial in order to scale up the SAF industry and take the development of sustainable fuel worldwide to the next level.”

The Board Now program is an exciting step in that journey. The 5-year program allows Etraveli Group, known for brands like Gotogate.com, Flightnetwork.com, MyTrip.com and Flygresor.se, to contribute directly to the development of the SAF industry. Part of the investment will be used by SkyNRG to cover the price difference between SAF and conventional jet fuel.

COreduction of 85%

The new SAF production plant will produce 100,000 tonnes of SAF annually: a CO2 reduction of over 270,000 tonnes a year for the aviation industry. The raw materials used for production are waste and residue streams, such as used cooking oil, coming from predominantly regional industries. Using SAF can result in an 85% reduction of CO2 emissions in the airline industry. The use of SAF will also contribute to a significant decrease in ultra-fine particles and sulphur emissions. SAF is the necessary option the commercial aviation industry has to reduce CO2 emissions.

Sustainable fuel meets the highest sustainability standards

SkyNRG’s independent Sustainability Board advises on whether the fuel meets the highest sustainability standards. The Board includes representatives from WWF International, the European Climate Foundation, the Solidaridad Network and the University of Groningen. Furthermore, the sustainability of the chain and related products ensured through certification by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), the highest possible certification standard for sustainable fuels.

About Etraveli Group

Etraveli Group is a leading global technology provider for Flights focused on offering the best possible flight content delivered through flexible tech solutions to the consumer and any company facing the consumer. Through our own consumer brands like Gotogate, Mytrip, Flightnetwork and through our global partnerships with the likes of Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, Booking.com and others we provide search, book and fulfilment services of Flights and related products. The Group also operates the airline integration company TripStack and the leading price comparison site in Sweden; Flygresor.se. The headquarters are located in Uppsala, and the group also has offices in Athens, Toronto, Stockholm, Gothenburg, several cities in India and Buenos Aires, as well as outsourced operations in India and China. Since 2017, private-equity firm CVC Capital Partners owns Etraveli Group.