2022-11-05 10:25Nyheter

Product recall: El Taco Truck Corn Tortillas

Corn Tortillas that's being recalled.Corn Tortillas that's being recalled.

El Taco Truck is recalling the gluten free Corn Tortillas mentioned below after testing of the product indicated exceeding levels of gluten, which can cause serious allergic reactions for some consumers.

The recall applies to the product:
Corn Tortilla 195 g, 7350115945011.

Corn Tortilla is also part of the El Taco Kit, which has been sold via Team Forza (sports organisations and school classes) and via eltacotruck.se (in Sweden).

For safety reasons, El Taco Truck is not limiting the product recall to specific batches, but is urging all consumers of El Taco Truck Corn Tortillas who are sensitive to gluten (or for other reasons avoid gluten) to return the product to the store where it was purchased for compensation. 

The El Taco Kit is returned to El Taco Truck. For compensation and information about El Taco Kit, contact El Taco Truck customer service at contact@eltacotruck.se.

If you have any questions, please can contact El Taco Truck customer service at contact@eltacotruck.se. 

It's El Taco Truck's top priority that consumers can trust the high quality of our products. El Taco Truck regrets what has happened and the inconvenience caused by the recall of the Corn Tortilla. El Taco Truck has, together with the supplier, started an investigation to prevent it from happening again. 

Om El Taco Truck

El Taco Truck’s journey started in 2012 as Sweden’s first food truck. With Mexican inspired food, founders Nikola Adamovic and Niklas Bolle created a strong following – and catalysed the food truck trend that followed in Sweden. We identified a massive opportunity in bringing El Taco Truck’s concept to retail. Now, El Taco Truck is on the journey to redefine what we today call ‘tex-mex’. Our vegan product line is available in all the biggest grocery stores in Sweden, at Kesko in Finland and at Bilka, Føtex and Netto in Denmark