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dLab and Vakka-Suomen Voima signs deal for creating a resilient grid

Swedish energy tech company dLab, seated in Lund, forges ahead in its effort for international market growth, signing energy company Vakka-Suomen Voima Oy (VSV) as its first customer in Finland. dLab will be installing its advanced data analytics platform in Ketunkallio primary substation to monitor VSV’s grid in Uusikaupunki in western Finland. VSV’s goal is to create a resilient grid, with a proactive maintenence and an efficient use of resources.

dLab’s grid analysis service is based on a patented algorithm, which can analyse data from sensors in primary substations, categorising and presenting data in a useful manner. Using that valuable data, grid operations can make faster fault detection as well as get an early warning for imminent faults, which in turn enables predictive maintenance and solid investment plans.

- We chose dLab’s grid analytics platform because we believe that their advanced, yet easy to use, analysis will help us reach our overall goal for a better, more resilient grid. A better understanding of what is happening in the grid will enable us to become more proactive and to stay one step ahead all the time, delivering a more secure supply of electricity to our customers and go forward with the smart grid, says Juho Jussila, network manager at VSV.

Vakka-Suomen Voima has 3900 km distribution network and 25 000 customers in western Finland. VSV is improving it’s network reliability with cabling, proactive maintenance and smart grid devices.

- We are very happy to launch our collaboration with VSV. We are confident that with our analytics platform, VSV will be better placed for reducing outages and to achieve a more proactive approach to grid maintenance, says Fredrik Akke, COO of dLab.

In addition, dLab will provide expert services assisting VSV to utilize the full potential of the platform. The services include daily overview, weekly report, monthly meetings and quarterly reports including recommendation for maintenance and investments. A process through which dLab and VSV together will secure an optimal use of the intelligence provided by the platform in the VSV operation.   

For more info please contact:
Fredrik Akke, COO at dLab, +46 709 952 911, fredrik.akke@dlaboratory.com
Henrik Winberg, Director, Sales & Marketing at dLab, +46 763 248 948, henrik.winberg@dlaboratory.com
Juho Jussila, Network Manager at Vakka-Suomen Voima, +358 50 3385 384, juho.jussila@vsv.fi

Vakka-Suomen Voima, known as VSV, is an energy company located in Western Finland. We are responsible for electricity distribution for 25000 customers. Our main target is to provide undisturbed and high quality electricity power distribution and our vision is to be the forerunner in the energy sector.

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dLab is an innovative energy technology company, offering an intelligent analytics service to help build the future electrical grid. Our solution enables proactive maintenance work and a more reliable grid with fewer outages. dLab is a commercial company since 2015, and is based in Lund, Sweden.


Henrik Winberg
Director Sales & Marketing
Henrik Winberg