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Peter Alexanderson is one of the 10 Most Prominent Personalities in the Security Industry, 2018

CEO COVRPeter Alexanderson

The Magazine Mirror Review has appointed the CEO of COVR Security, Peter Alexanderson, as one of the 10 most Prominent Personalities in the Security Industry, 2018.

"Peter Alexanderson: A Cybersecurity Leader With Feathers Of Experience In His Cap."

 /Mirror Review

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About COVR Security

Covr Security AB, located in Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Palo Alto, is a Swedish cybersecurity company. We have developed a next-generation, user-centric mobile security management app for a wide range of heavily regulated digital industries that depend on strong customer authentication and privacy. The Covr app is available both as an off-the-shelf authentication mobile app ready for a quick launch, and as a powerful SDK for hassle-free integration into existing mobile applications


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