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CaCharge launches Dynamic – a new and even smarter charging box

CaCharge DynamicCaCharge Dynamic

CaCharge is now launching its new Dynamic charging box, a smarter and completely redesigned charging box that meets even more needs in the market. Just like the current box Flex Max, Dynamic has been developed and produced in Sweden and, in addition to existing functions, offers charging of up to 22 kW and 4G connectivity, for example. With the new functionality, Dynamic is an important step in CaCharge's plans for international expansion.

Smart and sustainable electric car charging for all. This is always the starting point for CaCharge, both in terms of charging boxes and charging box services. Since 2015, thousands of installed charging boxes with Flex Max have been appreciated for their cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and smart features, with dynamic phase selection and connection to unique load balancing via Charge Hub. The fact that CaCharge charging boxes have always been developed and produced in Sweden has also been appreciated, as have the guaranteed quality and reliable deliveries.

CaCharge has now developed the next-generation charging box – Dynamic. The new charging box has everything that has been so popular about Flex Max, but makes substantial advances in terms of functionality and connectivity.

"Our new Dynamic box truly meets the various needs of the market. We have retained the major advantages of Flex Max, but the new boxes can provide charging up to 22 kW and connectivity via ethernet, WiFi or 4G cards. We have continued to refine the industrial design of the charging box, which is particularly suitable for larger charging systems,” says Mårten Nyberg, Head of Sales at CaCharge.

New design and new functions

A good charging system should be able to charge the maximum number of cars with the existing electrical capacity, but it should also be able to be nicely integrated with parking garages or outdoor parking. With Dynamic, CaCharge is taking further steps in terms of appearance and choice of materials.

The box is also more flexible than before. Customers should be even more able to tailor the charging solution to their needs, for example by deciding whether the charging box will have one or two sockets or how it will be connected to the power grid. If the connection is with 4G, a charging box is used to provide wireless connectivity to the charging station's other charging boxes.

The charging box is being launched in May and was first shown in April at eCarExpo, Friends Arena in Solna.

For more information about CaCharge's new Dynamic charging box, contact Mårten Nyberg at:
marten.nyberg@cacharge.com or +46 70 727 57 90.

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CaCharge is a Swedish company offering a complete electric vehicle charging solution for economic sustainability with minimal administration at everything from apartments, workplaces and property associations to park-and-ride facilities and airports.


Mårten Nyberg
Head of Sales
Mårten Nyberg
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Marketing Manager
Niclas Crepin